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A college kid turns into a superhuman in this visual novel featuring plenty of goth chicks with huge tits.
The Goblin's Brides
A female protagonist fantasy game, try to avoid a romance with a naughty goblin.
Ashley The Pirate
Help Ashley escape from of a lewd village full of sexually aroused pirates.
Help a young guy with no life experience and limited resources get rich and get all the pussy he can dream of.
Ebony Paradise
Try to lure all black beauties into your bedroom in this HTML game with real porn video and photos.
Become Someone
An adult life simulator, start as a college student and choose a path towards meeting lots of women!
Renryuu Ascension
Be a half-dragon and explore a kingdom stuffed with forbidden fruit in this open world RPG.
Peasants Quest
An adult RPG set in medieval times with 3D rendered cutscenes and a large world to explore.


Free Cities

Text based slave management game, take the role of a wealthy slaveholder.
Innocent Witches

An erotic adventure game. Plunge into a magical adventure in a fantasy world full of scarcely clad medieval ladies.
Become Taxi Driver

Drive around town as a rookie taxi driver, earn cash, upgrade your car and keep an eye out for the ladies!
Lust Doll Plus

Explore a post-apocalyptic future world with your custom sex doll character.
Dungeon Slaves

Play as a busty elf in a fantasy world controlled by orcs and monsters.
Back to Freedom

Take the role of a former soldier who is starting a new life after spending time in prison.
Battle Quest

Old school RPG, venture into the unknown, complete quests and defeat all evil.
Dryad Quest

Explore a magical world full of danger and occupied by sexy monster girls, many of which are futa/trans.